Our 401K Services


When it comes to corporate retirement plans, McCulley Financial Group helps our clients understand their needs and supplies the services that they require to help their employees reach their retirement goals.


Whether you offer your employees a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan, MFG provides an independent approach to analyzing your needs and providing the plan, investment policies and compliance practices needed to have a worry-free solution.


We leverage this broad range of expertise to design plans that are custom tailored to specific business objectives and meet ERISA fiduciary requirements.


MFG knows that a successful retirement plan is more than just the investments, but ensuring that the plan sponsor has the plan design and due diligence processes in place to mitigate their Fiduciary risk and manage cost.  Our qualified benefit services include:


Unique to MFG is the advisory support provided to your plan participants.  We are committed to partnering with you to provide both a comprehensive retirement plan and individual planning assistance to help your employees build the bridge from career to retirement.


Plan Evaluator

We begin gathering plan-specific data with a view towards determining the objectives for your company’s Education Experience. We’ll look at the participation rate, deferral rate, investment choices and loan behavior among other factors


The Participant Evaluator

We look at the employee composition and their behaviors and uncover any specific issues relative to the plan. We’ll survey their understanding of the plan and satisfaction levels.


The Customizer

Now we can prepare the correct course of action for your plan. We’ll concentrate on topics such as increase participation, increased deferral rates, investment diversification, consequences and costs of loans, rebalancing, termination and we’ll communicate any plan changes.


Program Targeting

Segmenting different populations of employees will allow us to convey to each group the message most important to them. For example, we may segment; New and nonparticipating; Participants with low deferral rates; Participants with loans; and Participants age 55 and older.


The Education Phase

We take on a creative and innovative approach to our ongoing 401(k) education. We make it fun and we make it memorable. The purpose is for noticeable results… which, of course, requires attendance!


The Valuator

We’ll develop a time line of employee meetings-quarterly, semi-annually, annually- and a schedule of the issues to be addressed with the actions to be achieved along with a continued review of the results.




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