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McCulley Financial Group offers 401(k) solutions that can help you meet virtually any client’s needs. Our 401(k) Investment Platform Suite features four types of 401(k) platforms, so you can pick the program that best “fits” each client.

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Integrated 401K

The Integrated 401(k) offers a pre-established set of investment options that are supported by an automatic fund deselection process, plus a suite of participant and plan sponsor services.


Hybrid 401K

The Hybrid 401(k) offers the same features and services as the 401(k), yet it provides you with a semi-open-architecture investment platform. With more than 200 investment options to choose from, this 401(k) plan may be suitable for clients who want more choice and flexibility than the 401(k) offers.


"Custom" 401K

The “Custom” 401(k) gives you the ability to offer a fully customizable 401(k) for clients with at least 25 participants and $1 million in plan assets. Many 401(k) plans in the market offer flexibility in just the investment portfolio available to clients. With the “Custom” 401(k), fun flexibility is just the beginning. You also get an open architecture plan design strategy that features a wide choice of 401(k) plan features that you can select on an a la carte basis, including investment selection and advisory services, plan management, participant communication and education services, and compliance services.


Auto-Pilot 401K

The Auto-Pilot 401(k) was built exclusively for startup plans to meet plan sponsors concerns about affordability, simplicity, and how quickly a retirement plan can be implemented. The investment options are based on your choice of the several premier 401(k) platforms. Participant and plan sponsor services are also available to help make the plan successful.





No one knows your business like you do. However, there is a lot to running an enterprise that has little to do with the core business, but is still critically important to overall long-term success. Your company retirement plan is a perfect example.


That’s why we created the McCulley Financial Group 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution. It’s a unique, comprehensive five-step process compromised of best practices in 401(k) management to ensure proper fiduciary responsibility and increased employee participation and satisfaction.


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McCulley Financial Group 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution

Best Practice 1: Open Architecture

Many 401(k) providers have their own proprietary funds or have hidden revenue sharing agreements with higher cost mutual fund companies. These conflicts of interest are poison for your retirement plan!


As a 100% fee-only advisor, our compensation is not based on which funds we choose. Therefore we want to provide you and your employees with the best no-load funds possible at the lowest cost. Using an “open architecture” platform, we can select from more than 400 fun families and 20,000+ mutual funds when designing your 401(k) retirement plan. We prefer to only work with vendors with an open architecture platform where there are no proprietary fun restrictions and no hidden fees.


Best Practice 2: Employee Education

Employee education is the most important component to the success of your company’s retirement plan. Educated employees have higher participation rates, higher workplace satisfaction and more peace of mind that their retirement is secure. With this in mind, we provide a customized education program based on your employee demographics and your plan needs. Our regular workshops, done on-site at your company and at your convenience, cover retirement planning, investment management and financial planning. Our workshops are generally every six months, but could be more frequent depending on your needs and availability.


Best Practice 3: Fiduciary Protection

Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities can be a complex process. We help control risk and reduce liability by:


1) Developing a formal Investment Policy Statement

2) Developing a 404© Policy Statement

3) Establishing clear criteria for selecting and monitoring investment managers

4) Acting as an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary in selecting, monitoring and replacing investment



Best Practice 4: Flexible Investment Management

As Plan Sponsor, you are faced with the daunting challenge of offering a retirement plan that can be “all things to all people.” The McCulley Financial Group 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution creates custom plans that suit the diverse needs of your employees. For your “do-it-yourself” employees, we provide low-cost best-in-class institutional style mutual funds in each category for them to choose among. For your personnel who may lack the time, knowledge and inclination to choose their own funds but would like a properly diversified portfolio based on their retirement age or risk tolerance, we offer professionally managed and globally diversified model portfolios.


Best Practice 5: Plan Monitoring

We’ll manage the health of your retirement program over its lifetime, advising you on regulatory changes, program enhancements and investment due diligence on a semi-annual basis. The McCulley Financial Group 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution allows you to focus on your other responsibilities while ensuring that your plan is running smoothly and that your employees are receiving the tools and assistance they need to be financially prepared for retirement when they are ready to retire.

Summary Benefits

The McCulley Financial Group Retirement Plan Solution provides Plan Sponsors with the opportunity to:


1) Delegate and reduce key fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities

2) Reduce anxiety over plan compliance

3) Reduce overall plan costs through an Open Architecture solution

4) Increase employee satisfaction, participation and peace of mind

5) Implement state-of-the-art educational and investment/financial planning services

6) Work with an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary Advisor to access low-cost, institutional asset class

     mutual funds and professionally-designed portfolios.


Open Architecture, The Freedom of Choice

Open Architecture allows a participant to choose from a menu of mutual funds or ETFs selected by McCulley Financial Group and approved by your plan sponsor. The funds available represent all major asset classes and you will have access to detailed information on each fund in orfer to make informed investment decisions. As in traditional 401(k) plans, the participants control their asset allocation and decide which funds to own and when to re-balance.


McCulley Financial Group Discretionary, Professionally Managed

McCulley Financial Group- Professionally Managed is entirely unique and aims to deliver a comprehensive solution while simplifying the decision making process. With most other 401(k) solutions participants are simply given access to a list of mutual funds or at best an age-based allocation that systematically changes every five to ten years, but is not reactive to market conditions. What makes this option unrivaled is the concept of on-going, diligent oversight and active investigation into the market and fund universe. In this program McCulley Financial Group is designated, based on our extensive market experience and knowledge, to monitor the funds and asset allocation and has full discretion to decide when to rebalance an account.


With McCulley Financial Group’s extensive history of servicing the financial needs of its clients and our recordkeeping partner’s technological innovation in 401(k) recordkeeping, your clients will benefit from the financial, technical and administrative expertise brought to you through the integration of these partners. Our partners play a behind-the-scenes role from both a technological and administrative perspective which allows McCulley Financial Group to provide you with investment solutions built around strict due diligence and unparalleled service to both you and your clients. It is also critical to control the costs of this benefit by operating primarily in an electronic environment with the latest internet technology to deliver a platform that can significantly reduce recordkeeping costs.


Key Features

• Five participant investment model options

• Access to both mutual funds and ETFs

• Total fee transparency

• Fast and easy online plan set up and administration

• Web-based enrollment and participant site

• Fee based structure

• Shared fiduciary responsibility with McCulley Financial Group

Download A Sample Retirement Plan Proposal



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