Annual Service Plan and Key Indicators

Hello, Kort McCulley here, and I want to talk to you about the importance of creating an annual service plan, and having some key indicators in place before we go and implement the plan. That way, we can start to monitor progress. You've taken all this time to design the correct plan for the organization.

So how will we deliver this? How are we going to implement this? What does that implementation process look like, and how will we monitor that we're having success? The key has some key indicators that will do that, which may come down to participation and contribution amounts, asset growth, and you know, fees and our fees high, and how can we continue to bring those down and continue to become more and more competitive with the offering we have.

The importance of the front end is setting up a service plan and these key indicators together. Once we go and implement, we know where to come back, gauge all of our activity against, and say, all right, have we made partners? Is this working? What changes do we need to make? It's done in this phase by setting up that service plan, setting those indicators, and then working forward from there.

Again, Kort McCulley. I look forward to connecting here with you again soon.

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