How Far Will Your Money Take You?

Kort McCulley
October 30, 2017

Have you gotten a chance to check out Prudential’s video on how far your current retirement plans will take you? If not, you should. Check it out here. It’s interesting to see how many people are falling short of how much money they will need post-retirement. As the world continues to change and cost of living continues to increase, your retirement needs to adapt in order to allow you to comfortably enjoy your retirement. Will your retirement be enough?

If you need help calculating how much money you will need by the time you retire, I strongly suggest checking out the CNN Money Retirement Need Calculator. This tool is a great asset to use in order to see just how much you will need and how long it will last. Feel free to use this tool or contact McCulley Financial Group for further assistance- I would love to help and walk you through it!

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