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Understands Entrepreneurs Needs

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Fiduciary Best Practices

Why Plan Your Legacy?

Employees want access to a live financial consultant for more choice, confidence, and opportunity to build a secure future. Employers want to improve retention, performance, and the bottom-line results.

McCulley Financial Group offers dedicated financial planning experts to consult with plan participants—on an as-needed basis and at no cost to you.

This service is confidential for participants and delivered in an environment of privacy and trust.

Participants sit down with a licensed professional who conducts an extensive review of their financial profile with custom analysis on a range of financial needs including:

  • Retirement Assets
  • Non-Retirement Assets
  • Investment Selection
  • Asset Protection
  • 529 College Planning
  • IRA Rollovers
  • Investment Diversification
  • Life Insurance

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Key Motivators

Consider these national contribution averages, and you’ll understand why we are highly motivated to change the status quo:


Participants who do not contribute the maximum


Participants who do not contribute anything at all


Participants who do not increase retirement amounts over time

Together, we hold a life-affirming responsibility—to educate employees to save for retirement and invest in their futures.

Program Success

Together we create a customized long-term vision for the future, supported by a detailed plan so your wealth and resources won’t be left to chance.

By taking purposeful steps to create value and build confidence, we create a unique bond with our clients built on trust, secured with process, and lasting through results.

Our process ensures the things you do to help your employees achieve their future goals won’t inhibit you from realizing yours.

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