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Why Plan Your Legacy?

McCulley Financial Group feels the non-financial, and sometimes intangible things you give your loved ones are more important than money. These are the items future generations will treasure and provide more meaning to their lives.

First, let's look at what a Legacy Plan is not:

  • It is not a will
  • It is not an estate plan
  • It is not all about money
  • It is not all about death

Legacy Plans are about life:

  • Ease the burden on loved ones by clearly communicating your final wishes
  • Live your life with more purpose and peace of mind
  • Inspire others with your values and life lessons

Immediate Benefits To You

Planning for the untimely situations will give you a peace of mind, knowing you have safeguarded your loved ones from conflict and confusion.

You will feel the security of knowing that documents of important directions for your loved ones, as well as wise words will be passed on.

While creating your legacy plan, you may have a self-discovery when sorting out what is important to you and how you want to pass it on. You will feel Pride when passing on traditions for generations to come.

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Benefits To Loved Ones

By having a legacy plan, your loved ones will have clarity on your preferences which leaves your loved ones out of a tangled web during an emotional time.

You may leave values, memories, and accomplishments that will inspire your loved ones and help them move forward.
You will leave a positive influence for generations to come with the meaningful words you leave behind. Your legacy plan can also include customs and ideals that allow your heritage to live on through your family.

When To Start Planning Your Legacy

The time to prepare for leaving others with clarity and inspiration is right now.

If you wait until an illness or health scare arises, emotions and sensitivities get in the way of clear thinking.

Understandably, part of procrastination comes from a fear of dealing with a difficult task. We make it easy to start planning your legacy.

When you’re ready, you can start by downloading and completing our complimentary Client Road Map. It includes introspective questions and explains the different components of a legacy plan.

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