What is Your Vision?

Hello, Kort McCulley here, and today I want to talk to you about that big question: What is your vision? 

I mentioned this before when discussing finance, the structure for the guide to a financially healthy organization. And one of the most critical questions is the first one: what is your vision?

What is the vision for your people and the human capital, how can the structure of a plan or the plan offering help attract, retain and scent your key people and all members of the organization? So it's one of the most important questions on the front end. Other times when I get involved in a plan offering, it's about a product, but it's almost whoop, pump the brakes.

Let's come back to the initial question, and this is the first big question to make sure we ask: what is your vision? Is it to attract and retain? and how can we do that? Is it by offering great investment options, having an active communication strategy, and having a unique plan design? I'm sending money to certain groups inside the organization to have a great operation so it doesn't bog your people down.

There are only a few administrative burdens that it's placed on top of, whether it be HR, payroll, or some of the administrative functions. Operating inside of a plan inside the organization is to create the fiduciary best practices and create some protection so that it doesn't become a liability to the organization to have competitive fees.

So it doesn't have this outlandish cost structure that goes with it, and it needs to be competitive with other organizations and other options that are out there in the market. And then, really back to measurable results and having some indicators to say, how is this plan? Serving our people? How is this helping us grow? How is this helping our people grow? And then how is this communicated? So what is the structure around that progress? And what are we doing to ensure that people are included and making the meaningful progress they're looking for from the solution?

So what is the vision? This first question on the front end is incredibly important for organizations to go through, and create that structure so that they plan and design the plan solution that fits them. 

Again, Kort McCulley. I look forward to connecting with you and thank you for your time today. 

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