2018 Goals

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Happy New Year! As one year ends and another begins, it’s interesting to think about what goals you have and have not accomplished. Sometimes we achieve all of the goals we set for ourselves, and other times we haven’t quite reached them yet. We challenge you to think of 3 big goals for your 2018. […]



This week, I want to discuss the importance of accountability. As I mentioned last in my last post, when it comes to your goals for this year, you should be doing 3 things: write them down, make them measurable, and have a support system to hold you accountable for those goals. It’s one thing to express […]

Adequate Savings Rates

“How much should I be saving for retirement? Is there a certain percentage of my income that I should be saving?” These are questions that I am asked frequently. The answer is simple: it is different for every person. Everyone has their own unique situations, different needs for retirement life, and has different incomes. What […]

Why Investors Are Losing To The Markets


The market rises and the market falls- it will never be perfectly consistent. Based on research for the Dalbar study, it was discovered that there is a significant gap between the S&P 500 and investor returns that lead to the question, “Why is this gap present?” This gap is caused by a current behavior of investors […]