Complete Guide to Financial Health for Agriculture & Food Production

Hello, Kort McCulley here, and I want to welcome you to the Complete Guide, the Financial Health for Agricultural and Food Production Companies, since my grandfather started the family business in the agricultural industry. Gosh, back in 1950, out of a garage. Pretty amazing story. And then my dad and our uncles grew it too.

Be a large organization. It's been a focus. It's been a conversation in the family. And then as I. Became a financial consultant and started serving this space. It's been a niche and just a market that I understand, and it's just been an ongoing focus. I'd love to walk you through this complete guide that we've created, starting with your vision to create a plan design and a clear investment strategy.

An ongoing service plan and critical indicators are essential to GE gauging your success and growth to an ongoing education program for the employee base. And even how do we make sure that we continue to monitor these investments on an annual basis, as well as check the correct boxes when it comes to compliance and just make sure that they're helping attract, retain employees, and assist organizations in scaling.

So I know that's a lot of information, but we package it together. To help organizations like yours in this agricultural food production space scale and grow and continue to attract and retain employees. I hope you get a lot out of this. That's our goal today.
I look forward to you connecting with you soon and thank you for sticking around today. 

What Is Your Vision?
Investment Strategy
Annual Service Plan 
Education Experience
Ongoing Monitoring

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