Investment Strategy

Hello, Kort McCulley here, and I wanted to give you an overview of the importance of establishing a clear investment strategy. What does that mean? What does that mean to have a clear investment strategy? Well, it depends on the offering. Right? After we talked about what your vision is in creating the proper design, once we figured out the design. We should then move into the next phase: creating a clear investment strategy.

So it's dependent on those two items because we want to make sure that that investment strategy facilitates what we are specifically building. A lot of times, people will buy investments. It's almost like an execution decision without having their vision or the plan design sorted out. An example might be if you have a defined benefit plan. We know that we're tracking to have a very moderate, conservative focused type growth targeting maybe around four to 5% long term.

Does the investment strategy set up to facilitate that, given that investment plan design or that plan design? Does that make sense? I don't know. It just depends on the scenario. If it's a 401k, do we have a fully diversified offering? Do we have active and passive? The key is, if this does the investment strategy.

Connect with the plan design and the type of plan that we have set up. One of the most important things is that this conversation around investment strategy doesn't connect back to plan, design, and division for what you're trying to create. You'll see a connection between those items and make sure that that conversation is connected so that it, you know, the team or the executive team is having a conversation around picking and selecting.

Investment options that connect with those, obviously, fees, performance, all those things are certainly important, and there's a huge world out there, right? There are thousands and thousands of options. But to identify those that make the most sense, there should be that connection to the other items.

So again, Kort McCulley, I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

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