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Fiduciary Best Practices

Fiduciary Best Practices

Fiduciary 360

McCulley Financial Group has focused on providing Fiduciary Best Practices by partnering with Fiduciary360, whose mission statement is:

"To promote a culture of fiduciary responsibility and improve the decision-making process of investment fiduciaries."

The Self-Assessment of Fiduciary Excellence (SAFE) is intended to identify the
critical moving pieces in fulfilling your organization's fiduciary role as a corporate retirement plan sponsor.

A process built around the four cornerstones of organize, formalize, implement and monitor will contribute to a more successful retirement program and mitigate potential fiduciary liabilities.

  • Step 1: Organize

  • Step 2: Formalize

  • Step 3: Implement

  • Step 4: Monitor

Step 1: Organize

Practice S-1.1

Investments are managed in accordance with applicable laws, trust documents, and written investment policy statements (IPS).

Practice S-1.2

The roles and responsibilities of all involved parties (fiduciaries and non-fiduciaries) are defined, documented, and acknowledged.

Practice S-1.3

Fiduciaries and parties in interest are not involved in self-dealing.

Practice S-1.4

Service agreements and contracts are in writing, and do not contain provisions that conflict with fiduciary standards of care.

Practice S-1.5

Assets are within the jurisdiction of appropriate courts and are protected from theft and embezzlement.

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